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  • Corporate Solutions

    Define / Project your Organizational Goals with your Office Interiors

  • Dream Home

    Planning / Constructions/ Fully Furnished

  • Residential Interiors

    Be it a Kitchen or your Open Terrace we offer Interior decorative Solutions that can actually evolve over time along with your family.

About Company

20 years in the Business and we are still Learning
from our clients!

The common challenge faced by clients when they choose an interior design firm is, which design to choose from the various standard options offered by the interior designer.

If this is what they want … to choose!
A furniture shop would be a better destination than the Interior Decorator.

We at Ramanas help the Clients to put their Signature on their Interiors and not ours. It involves understanding the client in a holistic manner, where they are now and where they want to go and then create Tailor-made Interior solution that is built around their lives and will never go outdated either in its functionality or in its aesthetics. Call us to experience your designer space that reflects you and not the design company.

  • Planning & Design
    Planning and Design

    This is the core of any Built Space. Thanks to Technology, we could assist you to see your dream space way before you take the first dig at the soil. Using the latest 3D technology,.. Read More

  • Turnkey
    Quality and Durable Construction

    A good quality build is always durable, the two words are synonymous. The multiple components that reflect quality includes the right product... Read More

  • Construction Contracts
    Buildeasy Packages

    We have the highly experienced team across all stages of creating a Built environment, However, if the client wants, he can choose us for any of the Block or Blocks in... Read More

  • Interior Designing & Execution

    We have a soft corner for interior decoration Component of any Project. Because of the challenges that are involved in giving the client the experience that he expects from... Read More

  • Building Material
    Daily Progress Updates

    Your day to day work and focus should never be compromised for your new project. Even here we create a customized feedback schedule based on your Business... Read More

Why People
Ramanaa Associates
  • People Choose Ramana Associates
  • Personalized Service
  • Professionalism
  • Timely Delivery

Experienced Team

Our experience is reflected in every component of our relationship from the first call to us to the delivery of Keys

Guaranteed Works

We work meticulously on the project with same level of involvement in all components of the finished Project, And we guarantee quality and Aesthetics in every single square feet we create

Free Consultation

Talk to us, the basis of all financial transactions is Trust and Understanding and to build these two important relationship parameters, we do not charge you

Reasonable price

Our Transparency policy is extended even to the cost component of the project, So you can be assured that you will always get the best value for money.


We have Built the Following dreams in concrete….